Know About the Adverse Effects of Sleep Apnea – San Antonio, TX

Been having restless nights and tiring days? Did a bed partner or a family member accuse you of producing irritating sounds at night? These may be symptoms of sleep apnea! It is a disorder that causes a person to pause breathing for a few seconds to a few minutes when sleeping. Although sleep apnea may sound harmless, it is a condition that should not be disregarded.
Sleep apnea episodes can occur up to a hundred times a night! The number of episodes or interruptions varies depending on the extremity of the disorder. Patients who have mild sleep apnea can experience 5 to 14 episodes of breathing pauses in an hour, while moderate sufferers experience 15 to 30 episodes per hour and those with severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea experiences 30 and more episodes in an hour. Do know that pauses in breathing causes the oxygen levels in the blood to drop, so you can imagine how harmful sleep apnea is to one’s health.


General Dentistry

Here are some of the common side-effects of sleep apnea a patient could experience:

  • The condition prevents sufferers from getting sufficient amount of sleep needed to keep the body and mind healthy. Sufferers are more likely to encounter the adverse effects of sleep deprivation to their overall wellness, relationships, and performances.
  • Although there are no official conclusions, links are suggesting the connection between sleep apnea and systemic health problems like depression, cardiac arrests, type two diabetes, tumors (cancerous), silent strokes, and pregnancy complications.
  • There are some instances that those who have sleep apnea also have bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching disorder). These conditions increase one’s risk of damage to the enamel, headaches, TMJ disorder, and toothaches.
  • Sleep apnea is usually associated with snoring that can cause the mouth to dry during sleep. Since there is no means to replenish the lost saliva during this time, the structures in the mouth remain unprotected.
  • Constant and extended exposure to dry mouth gradually dries out the sockets of the teeth. If left unattended it could cause the teeth to loosen and eventually fall out.

At Thousand Oaks Dental, we help our patients who experience the adverse effects of sleep apnea by offering a special oral appliance. The primary focus of the device is to shift the jaws and hold the soft tissues at the back of the throat in place. It is to prevent the episodes of sleep apnea from occurring for patients to get their much-needed rest.


If you’re suffering from a sleep disorder that causes breathing pauses, then it may be Sleep Apnea! Book your appointment immediately at Thousand Oaks Dental for Sleep Apnea treatment in San Antonio, TX.

Have a Clearer Smile with ClearCorrect Aligners in San Antonio, TX

Most people aim for straighter teeth and a more beautiful smile. These desires stemmed out to the emergence of many orthodontic appliances such as the traditional metal braces. In spite of its promising results, many people still sought other orthodontic alternatives. The reason why? People mostly prefer to straighten their teeth without so much hassle. Traditional braces utilize metal wires and brackets which are unsightly to look at. Some may feel uncomfortable wearing them, while others may feel inferior from others.

Worry no more! Thousand Oaks Dental provides a solution to that problem through the use of ClearCorrect Aligners. Get rid of those painful wires and enjoy a smooth journey into a straighter smile. ClearCorrect Aligners are made of a transparent material and are custom-made to fit into the patient’s teeth. The treatment process would take a while, but it provides desirable results. Aside from ClearCorrect, our dental office also offers MTM® Clear Aligner therapy to straighten our patients’ teeth in three to nine months time. Both clear aligners are ideal for children and adults alike.


Benefits of ClearCorrect Aligners

Straighter Teeth: The aligner improves the appearance of the teeth by correcting dental issues such as teeth overcrowding, gaps, and misalignment.

Natural-looking Treatment: For patients who want to have a discrete straightening treatment, ClearCorrect is the best choice. Only you and the dentist knows that you are wearing an aligner tray.

Faster Treatment Period: The process does not require frequent dental visits. The dentist will provide a set of specialized aligner trays for patients to wear every week. These trays will gradually change the position of the teeth until the desired result is attained.

Enhanced Self-confidence: The teeth have a significant impact on the person’s overall wellness. A beautiful smile and perfectly-straight teeth boost the patient’s confidence. It also gives them a lot more reasons to smile.

Improved Oral Health: Crooked teeth provide bacterias a place to hide and reproduce. Straighter teeth, on the other hand, prevent the accumulation of dental plaques, tartar, and food debris that can damage the teeth. It will also become easier to clean the teeth.


The road to a straighter, healthier mouth begins with an orthodontist appointment. If you’re looking for ClearCorrect Aligners in San Antonio, TX, contact us at Thousand Oaks Dental and schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure to answer any other questions you might have.

Denture FAQs You Need to Know Before Getting One – San Antonio, TX

Been thinking of getting dentures to restore your smile? Want to compare the available restorations to get a favorable result? Or, too hesitant to settle for just one choice? Fret no more!

At Thousand Oaks Dental, we understand the hassles of having extensive tooth loss. That is why we try to reach out to all our patients in need by offering either full or partial dentures, depending on their needs. But first, for you to get a clearer view on dentures, we have prepared a series of commonly asked questions as well as its answers. These can help you decide whether dentures are really the best option for your oral restoration.

What are dentures and its types?

Dentures are either made of plastic or acrylic resin and different metal materials molded to support the pontics (fake teeth). There are two types of dentures: partial and full. And as the name suggests, partial can serve as a replacement for some of the lost teeth, while full can restore an entire arch at either top or bottom jaw.

How are dentures held in the mouth?

Partial dentures are secured in place by a metal framework that holds on to the adjacent healthy teeth, while full dentures are shaped depending on its placement. The upper denture is molded to cover the palate (roof of the mouth) creating suction, and the lower one is formed like a horseshoe to make way for the tongue.

Who are candidates for the procedure?

Unlike dental implants which requires a sufficient amount of bone support, anyone who is in need of missing teeth restoration can avail of the procedure. But to make sure that nothing is compromised, undergo an evaluation to take care of any complications that may jeopardize the results.

Should the dental appliance be removed at night?

While it is okay for a patient to wear dentures during sleep, it preferably should be removed. By doing so, this gives the bone and the gums a chance to relax after the pressures applied to it during the day. It is also best to soak the appliance in a special solution or plain water at night to keep it clean and moist.

Is eating an issue with dentures?

It is a known fact that there are a few food restrictions with dentures, but patients can still enjoy the foods they like. It takes a little time to get used to the appliance, but after a while, they will be able to eat regularly, even with some sticky or hard foods. A perfectly fitted denture allow patients to do so, or even with the help of some denture adhesives.


For inquiries about Dentures in San Antonio, TX, call us at Thousand Oaks Dental. You can also visit us at 2235 Thousand Oaks Dr. Suite 120 San Antonio, TX 78232.

What to Know Before a Teeth Whitening Sesh with the Dentist in San Antonio, TX

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure and is widely in demand because of its ability to improve the teeth and smiles of people. As many are opting for teeth whitening treatment, even DIY’s at home, still a teeth whitening treatment done by a professional dentist cannot be rivaled. There are two types of whitening procedures. First, the vital whitening in which a hydrogen peroxide gel is applied directly to the tooth surface and the non-vital whitening wherein it involves whitening the teeth from the inside. It is done when a patient had a root canal, and the nerves are already dead making it in a deep need of whitening because it stained from the inside.

We at Thousand Oaks Dental provides safe and effective teeth Whitening treatment for everyone who dreams of pearly-white teeth! Unlike the other teeth whitening kit found in every beauty isle that could be harmful, Thousand Oaks Dental guarantees that patients will have a worry-free teeth whitening experience in an instant. Patients can choose either for teeth bleaching or teeth whitening options. We have our dental professionals to keep watch of the patient during the treatment to make sure that they are getting the smile that they want without damaging their teeth.

Deciding on a teeth whitening procedure with the dentist requires before and after preparations. Before going to the dentist, knowing these basic pieces of information could make the process run smoothly:

Clean the teeth before going to the dentist. This is a fundamental rule. Before performing the teeth whitening treatment, the dentist will check the patient’s dental health first. If there are some common oral irregularities like gum disease, cavities, gum recession, or crooked teeth, it is important that these will be treated first; otherwise, the whole teeth whitening procedure will be useless. Prepare by keeping your teeth healthy and clean to avoid paying double.

There’s a danger in whitening gels. As much as possible, keep whitening gel away from the soft tissue of the gums as it produces irritations. Ingesting the gel can also cause nausea or vomiting. The dentist can make a custom-made tray that fits the contour of the mouth to avoid unnecessary contact of whitening gel.

Tooth Sensitivity is inevitable. After several hours of exposing the teeth from the gel, patients might experience sensitivity. Here are tips to cope up with a sensitive tooth:

  • Be gentle when brushing the teeth and use lukewarm water instead of cold when rinsing.
  • Avoid hot or cold beverages.
  • Using a toothpaste designed to aid tooth sensitivity might help.
  • Use a drinking straw when drinking to avoid the liquid from getting on the teeth.
  • When pain is unbearable, always talk to the dentist and ask for some anti-inflammatories.


The results may vary. The results will depend on how the teeth looked like before the teeth whitening treatment. The better the patient give care to the teeth, the greater the effect.

Let us help you improve the appearance and form of your teeth! Book your appointment with us at Thousand Oaks Dental for your Teeth Whitening in San Antonio. We are located at 2235 Thousand Oaks Dr. Suite 120 San Antonio, TX 78232.

Preventative Treatments in San Antonio



The key to maintaining a healthy oral condition is by having preventative oral care. It prevents oral diseases in the future that might require complex treatments. Don’t wait to have an oral issue before you visit the dentist, here at Thousand Oaks Dental. We offer Preventative Treatments to make sure that our patients have a healthy oral condition.

Oral dental care

What is Preventative Care Treatment?

Preventative treatments refer to the varieties of procedure undergone to keep an eye on one’s oral health and prevent early signs of oral diseases. Some would say that preventative treatments involves brushing and flossing only, but it is more than that. Preventative care includes preventive measures, diagnosis, and immediate therapies to preserve dental health.

Preventative Care Treatments

  • Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays provide radiographic images which are used in detecting dental issues that cannot be seen during a physical dental examination.

  • Gum Measurements

In this process, the gums are checked for any potential signs of gum disease that are contagious, and if left untreated, it can affect one’s overall oral health.

  • Dental Sealants

By applying dental sealants, it reduces the risk of developing plaques and cavities. Sealants can resist acid attacks, and it is impenetrable to food particles.

  • Prophylaxis

It refers to the thorough cleaning of gums and teeth. The risk of developing plaques and halitosis will be reduced.

  • Fluoride Application

Fluoride application helps in strengthening the tooth enamel making it resistant to bacteria and acids.

  • Oral Cancer Screening

Early diagnosis of oral cancer increases the chance of survival.

Benefits of Preventative Care Treatment

  • Early Detection of Oral diseases
  • Gum Disease Prevention
  • Maintain strong oral condition
  • Prevent decay and cavities


You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Preventative Treatments in San Antonio. Book your appointment with us at Thousand Oaks Dental and let us help you achieve a beautiful and a healthy teeth!


Handling Common Dental Emergencies in San Antonio, TX



An emergency happens to everyone, at any time, and in any place. Of course, no one likes accidents to happen. However, it is inevitable. No matter how one gives the effort to avoid it, mishaps are there. It has become a part of life. The good news is, people can always look for ways on how to deal with difficult situations. When it comes to dental emergencies, being knowledgeable enough on the “how-to’s” of handling them could save one’s dental health.

We at Thousand Oaks Dental understands that dental emergencies are unpredictable, that is why we leave an open schedule to provide Emergency services to our patients. We examine, offer a digital x-ray, and even offer free consultations to resolve the patient’s dental emergency issues. We specialize in handling tooth pain, loose and broken tooth, and even repairing a broken dental appliance, where usually are the most common to experience. We guarantee a safe and immediate solution to our patient’s dental emergency needs!


Emergency Dentistry


Here are the most common types of dental emergency issues and its corresponding treatment that one can do at home:

Toothache. A toothache is characterized by a sharp or dull pain in or around the tooth. A sharp tooth pain appears short and quick. For instance, it only triggers when eating or speaking and would eventually soothe after. Factors such as tooth and gum decay, infections in the gum, bruxism, or tooth sensitivity create a sharp pain in the tooth. A dull throb of the tooth often means that there is damage to the nerves. One will experience a dull ache slowly but can last for a long time. Unfortunately, it can be a sign of a more serious problem. Sometimes, toothache can also be a result of an injury.

To relieve tooth pain, create a mouth rinse by mixing a teaspoon of salt to a glass of water. Rinse the mouth after a meal or when waking up and before sleeping. Saltwater rinse is good in sanitizing the mouth. When the mouth is clean, there is a lesser risk of accumulating infections. The antiseptic properties in the salt water rinse can help prevent bacteria from growing.

Chipped Tooth. Someone with a cracked tooth might not feel any tooth pain unless the chip is large enough that it exposes the inner nerves of the tooth but if it does expose the nerves in the inner layer of the tooth, a sensitivity to hot or cold food and a pain while chewing is experienced. Biting hard substances such as ice cubes and candies, car accidents, doing extreme activities or sports without mouthguards, and bruxism is some of the most common causes of a chipped tooth.

There is no way that one can repair a chipped tooth at home. However, until one will reach the dentist’s office, to somehow reduce swelling and relieve the pain, rinse the mouth with warm water. If there is any bleeding area, apply pressure by putting a gauze or a tea bag. Put an ice pack on the side of the cheeks or lips over the broken tooth.

Loose Tooth. For adults, a loose tooth is not anymore a normal occurrence. It could be the result of an injury, teeth grinding, gum disease, pregnancy, and even osteoporosis.

When dealing with a loose tooth, it might be tempting to pull or pick the tooth; however, one should stop attempting to remove it by themselves. Doing so will increase the infection and bleeding. As much as possible, cease from biting hard foods. Keep it clean by gentle brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing.

Broken Appliance. Some of the dental appliances such as dentures tend to wear out or break either by accidents or injury.

If a dental appliance break such as dentures, remove the loose and its broken part. Make sure to find the pieces of the broken appliance and bring it to the dentist.

Abscess. An abscessed tooth is an infection that spreads to the root tip or around the root of the tooth. The abscess is a collection of pus that is made up of a mixture of white blood cells, bacteria, and tissue debris. People with an abscessed tooth most likely to experience a throbbing toothache, tooth sensitivity, swollen gums, and fever.

To deal with abscess, maintaining proper hygiene is vital. To remove the plaque, floss the area in between the teeth. This will reduce the pain and inflammations. Also, rinse the mouth with salt water to remove bacterias.

A Word From Thousand Oaks Dental

These remedies will permanently soothe the pain and give temporary aid, however, it will not provide an accurate permanent solution to the problem. Remember that the pain will not go away on its own. It is recommended to see the dentist right away.

If you’re suffering from any of these common dental emergencies,  book your appointment immediately at Thousand Oaks Dental for your Dental Emergency needs in San Antonio. You can visit us at 2235 Thousand Oaks Dr. Suite 120 San Antonio, TX 78232.

Teeth Whitening in San Antonio, TX and the Dangers of DIY Whitening Hacks



Teeth whitening is one of the most in-demand procedures nowadays since it can provide visibly brighter teeth in a short amount of time. With its popularity, various products, brands, and kits emerged that promises excellent results. Even people from thousands of years ago came up with different techniques and solutions to make their teeth whiter since it was a sign of wealth or power. The techniques they developed may have been effective, but it offers more harm than benefits.

As the years went by different solutions were experimented to come up with the most effective teeth whitening procedure. It should be effective without causing any harm to the teeth, oral structures, and especially to the patient. It was when a dentist was experimenting with the cures of gum disease and infections that a peroxide-based solution was discovered. Not only does it offer positive reaction with the gums, but it also slightly whiten the teeth.

At Thousand Oaks Dental, we offer Professional Teeth Whitening procedures despite the high popularity of over the counter take-home kits we believe that they do not provide sufficient results and safety. The procedures we offer are meticulously performed by our dental professionals to ensure effective, safe, and comfortable treatment for the overall wellness of all our patients.

The Dangers of DIY Whitening Hacks

Over the counter, kits can be readily purchased in drugstores and online stores, but some people prefer to create DIY hacks. Dentists do not recommend these practices since it can cause harm to the teeth, oral structures, or even the overall health of a patient. Here are some examples:

  • A mixture of baking soda and lemon water. Acidic substances like lemon water can erode the enamel which makes the teeth prone to tooth decay. Mixing this acidic substance with a mild abrasive ingredient like baking soda only increases the chances of having tooth decay that can result in cavities.
  • Turmeric powder mixed with melted coconut oil. Since teeth can be porous and turmeric is often used as a natural food coloring, using it for teeth whitening can cause more stains than having whiter teeth.
  • Oil pulling using coconut oil. The American Dental Association do not recommend the use of this hack due to insufficient evidence. There are even some reports that it caused diarrhea and upset stomach after its use.
  • Brushing the teeth after rubbing apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has an acidic property that can cause harm to the teeth’s enamel. Brushing afterward can even make the effects worse since the enamel is still weak after the contact to an acidic substance.


Anyone would want to have whiter teeth, thankfully dental offices like Thousand Oaks Dental offers Professional Teeth Whitening procedures. It is guaranteed to provide a highly effective, safe, and comfortable treatment compared to DIY hacks or kits.


Give your smile a boost! Book an appointment with Thousand Oaks Dental and check out our Teeth Whitening in San Antonio, TX. We are located at 2235 Thousand Oaks Dr. Suite 120 San Antonio, TX 78232.

Facts about Nitrous Oxide in San Antonio, TX: The Happy Air of Dentistry

Fear and anxiety in dentistry are attributed to the dentist, dental procedures, and even a dental chair! Today, patients do not have to worry about going to the dentist and receive a dental treatment because of Sedation Dentistry. Sedatives are given to patients to overcome stress, fear, and anxiousness to make oral treatments more comfortable and less of a hassle. Here at Thousand Oaks Dental, we use Nitrous Oxide as a form of sedative to make sure that our patients will have favorable dental experience.

The treatment has been around and used for decades, but some patients do not realize that is a great option when having a dental procedure.

Nitrous Oxide, or most commonly known as laughing gas, is an odorless and colorless gas that is regulated through a small mask which fits over the nose. The gas mixed with oxygen is inhaled by the patient to feel calm, relaxed, and fully comfortable. Nitrous Oxide is often used with local anesthesia to ensure that the patient is fully relaxed without triggering any negative emotions. Dentists use this type of sedation especially for those patients who are too afraid of needles.


Advantages of Nitrous Oxide

  • Patients can stay awake and aware, making them responsive during the treatment which reduces their anxiousness
  • Most patients tolerate nitrous oxide well
  • It takes effect faster and also wears off fast
  • Quickly leaves the system once the mask is removed
  • Proven safe and effective for both adults and children

Nitrous Oxide is the most widely used gas-form anesthetic under sedation dentistry because of its advantages. These make Nitrous Oxide an effective and useful option for both the dentist and patient alike.

Who are Candidates for Nitrous Oxide?

  • Patients who get scared or anxious about dental visits
  • For those who need a complex procedure which requires longer treatment duration
  • Those patients who are unable to stay still on a dental chair
  • People who have a strong gag reflex that may disrupt the dental procedure
  • People who fear needles or other dental apparatus

Quick Facts about Nitrous Oxide

  • Nitrous Oxide is used in food industries as well; used as a propellant in cooking spray, makes bags of chips puffy, and give aerosol whipped cream volume.
  • It was called “laughing gas” because of the euphoric effect it gives when inhaled.
  • Nitrous oxide used in dentistry is a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen with a 70:30 ratio respectively.
  • There are types of scented Nitrous Oxide that can be provided to make it more interesting for patients.
  • No one is allergic to nitrous oxide making it safe for everyone.

A smile is more than just an appearance. A healthy mouth is a vital aspect of the body’s overall health. Do not allow dental anxiety and worry to hinder you from attaining a healthy and perfect smile you want.


Nitrous Oxide makes dental experiences less stressful. Everyone deserves an anxious-free, comfortable dental experience. Avail of our Nitrous Oxide Sedation Dentistry in San Antonio, TX. Book your appointment with us at Thousand Oaks Dental.


Moving Forward

San Antonio TX General Dentist near meIt’s appropriate that we look to Martin Luther King Jr. for our dental inspiration this month. One of our favorite quotes from him is:

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

At Thousand Oaks Dental, we are honored to live and work in a country that honors men like Martin Luther King Jr. who helped our country move forward in many ways. His life inspires us to apply the theme and desire to move forward as well. Read more…

Straight Teeth

San Antonio TX OrthodontistsHave you made your wish list for the holidays yet? Electronics are always a fun gift to receive. The technological advancements are so fun to discover. Wanting an updated phone? What do you think about getting things you need as a gift? Sometimes it’s more exciting to get something that you want over something that you need. Did you know that straight teeth can qualify as something that you should both need and want? Read more…